THOR became a member of the LEVA Association in Europe

In early September 2021, THOR became the member of the European organization LEVA EU.

What does it mean? LEVA-EU is the only trade association in Europe that works exclusively in the field of light electric vehicles (LEVs - light, electric vehicles).

The association has a very extensive worldwide network of contacts, which is at the disposal of more than 60 LEVA-EU members and allows for new business relationships, distribution networks and access to research institutes. LEVA-EU helps all its partners build bridges between structures that promote sustainable mobility in Europe.

The founders of the association have a long history of experience in the light transport industry and can help navigate the maze of rules and regulations governing vehicles. A better understanding of these rules and regulations facilitates market access and small business development. In turn, the EU market benefits from a more diversified and higher quality offer from companies whose business is related to micromobility.

Rules and regulations are sometimes outdated or imprecise and therefore create legal bottlenecks for the LEVA community. LEVA-EU has a direct line with EU decision makers to negotiate better rules. LEVA-EU also liaises with national policymakers to share information on best practices.

LEVA-EU is also actively working and giving its members a voice in the European propaganda of LEV's, monitoring all EU legislation and policies that may be relevant to the desired association of companies.

Membership in LEVA will help THOR popularize its solution among its community members, among which there are quite a few manufacturers of e-bikes, scooters and sharing companies. And also to find out and share news, attract partners and introduce changes in legislation related to noise changes in micro electric transport.

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