About AVAS

AVAS equipment is essential for ensuring pedestrian safety in electric vehicles.

Our team of technology experts at THOR quickly identified the potential danger posed by barely audible electric vehicles in traffic. In response, we developed THOR AVAS - a groundbreaking scientific innovation that incorporates a sophisticated algorithm capable of replicating all traffic cycles.

This invention utilizes a patented technology to create a sound foundation that caters to various vehicles, including electric vehicles, hybrids, and cars with internal combustion engines.

THOR AVAS is a configurable system that can generate artificial sound based on different vehicle parameters. It communicates with the vehicle controller in "reader mode," enabling a direct connection.

Automatic sound calculations are performed by analyzing inputs such as pedal pressure, vehicle speed and the rotatio of the wheel - are used in the control system

The difference between Thor AVAS and other systems is its more complex and at the same time harmonious sounds, consisting not only of warning layers (high-frequency repeating signals), but also softer components, which makes soundtracks more enjoyable. Plus, all the sounds are associated with movement, speed up and down, and don’t just beep like toys.

The result is an acoustically pleasing 'live' AVAS soundtrack that closely resembles the original sounds, making it easy to identify the type of vehicle present and assess its behavior.

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