About AVAS

Our technology experts at THOR quickly identified barely audible electric vehicles in traffic as a potential cause of danger. In response, we created THOR AVAS - a scientific breakthrough that exhibits a complicated algorithm for replicating all traffic cycles.

Such an invention produces a sound base centered around a patented technology that works for various vehicles, including electric vehicles, hybrids, and cars with internal combustion engines.

THOR AVAS is a configurable system that can artificially generate sound based on various vehicle parameters. It communicates with the vehicle controller in "reader mode," which allows for direct connection.

Automatic sound calculations are performed by analyzing the relevant parameters from the CAN bus or UART protocol or through a channel transmitted from remote-controlled telematic devices. Pedal pressure and vehicle speed are used as inputs in an electric vehicle's control system, whereas in the case of internal combustion engines, the rotational velocity of the engine and the pressure applied to the gas pedal are relevant variables.

Our sound technology recreates the noises that are made by a motor when it is operating.

What sets us apart from others is how THOR AVAS' sound packages are constructed, with samples either recorded in-car with microphones and sound recording equipment according to the patented principle or artificially created by considering the full spectrum of environmental frequencies. As a result, the final product is an acoustically pleasing 'live' AVAS soundtrack that is remarkably close to the original sounds, which makes it easy to tell what kind of vehicle is present and gauge its behavior.

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