Results of 2023 for the THOR AVAS team

The THOR team, represented by its main character, also raises a glass to the love and strength that is in each of us!

In the new year, we continue to grow and create cool, interesting projects and collaborations.

The past 2023 has opened up opportunities for us to participate in such events as an online presentation at Bridgio Talk, the offline Micromobility exhibition in Amsterdam, made a report at InterNoise in Japan, and some pitch on local seminars.

We have implemented 5 pilot projects with manufacturers and sharing companies, including a company in Milan that installed our system on a scooter for further promotion in sharing companies, as well as the implementation of AVAS at the state level through the country's legislation. We now have an official representative in Madrid, who will also work with sharing companies. Now there are more than 10 companies from Europe, India, USA, Australia and China in operation.

Our sound designers created more than 16 sound concepts. Among them are sounds for an electric scooter, an electric bus, a motorcycle, and a reverse sound for commercial vehicles. The entire team of acoustic engineers worked to improve the AVAS system itself and conducted various tests in an anechoic chamber and in real outdoor conditions. Plus, they have applied for 1 more patent.

The creative team also shot and published 11 videos, as well as many stories and shorts for the video channel and other social networks.

We studied a lot: we took speech training, sales and Scrum courses, raised the level of foreign languages and built a structure for training turquoise management. We held offline and online meetings with colleagues around the world, held joint events, communicated and shared emotions, impressions and our ideas about the course of events.

All this has definitely made us better, stronger, and we are ready next year to show all our talents and abilities, improve the work of everyone in the project and continue to follow our mission: to improve the acoustic ecology in the cities of the future with mostly electric vehicles on the roads.

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