AVAS Legislation & Regulation

The European Blind Union (EBU) specifically highlighted the risks associated with quiet transportation, which can go from zero to one hundred in about ten seconds but is inaudible to the visually impaired. Accordingly, as of 1 July 2021, across the European Union, UNECE Regulation No.138 mandates that all electric and hybrid vehicles be fitted with Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System. If the exterior noise of the vehicle does not meet specified overall levels with a margin of +3 dB, then the vehicle must use AVAS in accordance with UNECE Regulation No. 138.01.

Similar laws regarding hybrid and electric vehicles are in place in the US, Japan and China.

EU: Regulation 138 UN EE (compulsory from 1 July 2021)
US: FMVSS No. 141 (from September 1, 2020 - mandatory)
China: GB/T 37153

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