THOR AVAS: Meet up June, 2022

On June 3, the THOR AVAS team made a presentation at a practical event for the development of electric transport, aimed at sharing experience and competencies, obtaining up-to-date knowledge and information - MEET UP 2022.

Maksimenko Timofei, the project manager, has made an introduction to the colleagues about of THOR AVAS product, the solution that solve problems related to the noiselessness (visibility) of electric transport.

Timofey Maksimenko sleaking at the Meet Up 2022

It was very interesting to communicate with representatives of sharing companies and to  hear feedback on the importance of equipping micro transport with sound and understand further ways of possible cooperation.

THOR team also managed to show an example of the operation of the AVAS system on an electric car and an electric scooter.

During the “Edges of the Future” meetup guests took part in discussions and listened to the speeches of representatives of the authorities, where issues related to the production of components for electric transport and infrastructure and the implementation of support measures were raised.

Such meetings are a great opportunity to learn the best experience and demonstrate the most advanced solutions in a beautiful suburban area. Personally communicate and discuss various aspects of the development of the electric transport sector. The event attracted a wide range of experts, major developers, representatives of authorities, business, industry, industry associations, financial and investment institutions, research centers and helped bring together the leaders of innovative transport and infrastructure.

Timofei Maksimenko speaks at Meet Up 2022
Tesla Model3 with THOR AVAS sound
Electric Scooter with THOR AVAS sound
THOR Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System at e-scooter
Sound warning system THOR AVAS
Timofei represents the AVAS system by THOR on e-scooter
THOR AVAS team at Meet Up 2022
THOR AVAS team at Meet Up 2022

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