The 1-st presentation of the THOR AVAS system for micro-mobility

On December 20, the Business Space Center hosted a key technological business event to present innovations in the field of transport. Within the framework of this forum, the THOR company (Car Systems LLC) presented its project - THOR AVAS system that improves the safety of micro-electric transport.

Electric moped with AVAS system on board

The Ninebot KickScooter Max G30 electric scooter and the Ninebot eScooter E125 moped were equipped with THOR AVAS, a warning acoustic safety system with the synthesized intelligent sound that dynamically changes with the movement of the vehicle.

The system reads data from the vehicle and synchronizes with pressing the throttle and brake levers, allowing you to play through the built-in or installed speaker - a music track developed in the THOR sound laboratory.

Timofei Maksimenko gives the interview

The sound of THOR AVAS can be basic - it can be the tracks specially designed for AVAS systems according to UN Regulation No. 138, as well as the sounds of classic V-twin engines, realistic powerful tuned engines, as well as sci-fi sounds of spaceships familiar to us from futuristic movies and games.

The head of THOR AVAS interview

THOR AVAS can be built into a ready-made solution or be an addition to an existing product. The system can be controlled both through the standard control levers of the device, and through the white label application for iOS or Android.

THOR AVAS is designed to improve the safety of electric vehicles and make the streets of the future sound beautiful and sound ecologically acceptable.

THOR AVAS team at business event

The head of the AVAS direction of the THOR company, Timofey Maksimenko, told and demonstrated the sound of the system to all visitors of the company's stand.

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