Micromobility round table THOR AVAS

A round table for businessmen from the world of Micromobility and suppliers was held by THOR AVAS on July 20th.

Large sharing aggregators have come together to listen and discuss the issues and to hear the solutions that can close the various “pains” of the electric personal mobility equipment of rental business.

There were discussed the mobile charging technologies, transportation of batteries and scooters themselves. The questions how to cover equipment for long-term use were sorted out: the choice between paint or film, what is cheaper and more durable.

One of the suppliers touched upon the topic of charging the scooters themselves, as this is the most expensive part of the operation and the main reason for the high expense of the trip. Special boxes have been proposed for transporting batteries. Their rugged fiberglass construction, holding up to 8 batteries, mounts on a regular sharing scooter and improves performance at ~0.5km per battery.

One of the suppliers that keeps charging stations for phones also presented the project of all-weather outdoor equipment for charging batteries for scooters.

Manufacturing companies offered their own options for processing various materials, talked about the types of machines and convenient platforms for ordering spare parts. A solution was also presented to be able to keep the fleet of scooters clean with a solution with a thin layer of hygienic coating that protects against dirt sticking. They also talked about durable plastic and various composite materials, a solution for processing aluminum parts was presented.

Among the speakers were companies-developers and manufacturers of electric mopeds, which are also developing a unified charging infrastructure for all types of Micromobility in one of the southern regions. They are offered batteries for the b2b and b2c segments based on the company's software, electric mopeds, batteries and autonomous charging cabinets. EVM presented its cargo electric transport, which is able to solve many businesses transportation issues.

And finally, a very important issue - the safety of electric vehicles was raised by THOR with its solution for the sound accompaniment of all types of electric vehicles.

Silent and fast scooters are easy to miss and to hear when they are passing by. The statistics of accidents related specifically to scooters in Europe is very shocking. A smart system with an original sound created by the company's sound engineers - in line with the existing UN regulations for AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System), developed in the EU and already applied to electric vehicles. Electric transport must be safe and beautifully harmonious sound - THOR AVAS is no doubt representing the solution of all above.

The round table ended with an exchange of contacts and an unambiguously positive attitude of all the participants of the event.

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