THOR AVAS for all types of EVs

THOR AVAS Products for EVs of all Sizes

THOR's AVAS solutions include a selection of products for a vast range of vehicles, each of which comes with its own distinctive base of sounds as well as the capability to create individualized sounds. 

LEVs: THOR's software features an extensive AVAS sound library that is suitable for micro-mobile transport such as AVAS e-scooters and electric bikes as it does not require the installation of additional equipment, thus saving battery power. The AVAS sounds are played through broadband speakers already installed in modern scooters.

EVs: The THOR AVAS Module Block is well-suited for AVAS electric cars, electric motorcycles, and AVAS electric mopeds without a standard speaker. The installation of THOR modules and speakers is extremely straightforward and does not involve any additional expenses. 

THOR AVAS' solutions have the same underlying principle that focuses on creating beautiful and acoustically acceptable AVAS soundtracks; the only difference is the strength of the sounds and the size of the speakers. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to offer AVAS solutions that are compatible with a wide range of EVs, from automobiles and buses to e-bikes and e-scooters.

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