THOR AVAS Components

THOR AVAS is modular system


The software foundation of our system comprises numerous sophisticated parts, including a sound engine, porting library, AVAS sound profiles, and an API protocol for communicating with other programs. The sound engine is highly responsive to changes in the vehicle's speed and accelerator/brake positions and is combined with the telematics unit's geolocation data for optimal performance.

Circuit board

As the electronic module's printed circuit board schematic is already built into the product's casing, additional peripherals are not required. In addition, the electronic module features onboard memory for software and a Bluetooth interface for remote management through a smartwatch or an app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The electronic module is wired to both its own power supply and a data bus (CAN, UART, RS285, or RS482). A telematics device or the standard power button can also be used to establish a connection.

AVAS Sounds

We're particularly proud of our sound library, which houses the most extensive collection of high-quality sonic samples available. These specimens were all recorded directly from real cars using our patented recording methods to mimic reality. The library is constantly expanding with new AVAS soundtracks and contains 40 different supercar audio samples, including the sounds of a Porsche Panamera, an Audi R8, and a BMW M4. The audio consists primarily of safety soundtracks but also includes other entertaining samples, like the ice cream truck sound, game car and UFO sounds, and the sound of "jingle bells." All of these were created with the primary goal of continuously working at a low volume and free frequencies in the urban environment and testing both in extraordinarily muted chambers and natural conditions.


At THOR, we use high-end AVAS speakers with neodymium magnets that can accurately reproduce a wide variety of tones even in challenging environments. Our partners design the speakers to meet specific requirements, and they are in full conformity with international AVAS laws such as UN Regulation No. 138 and Regulation (EU) No 540/2014, as well as AVAS regulations enacted in China, Japan, and the United States.

System’s Housing

The IP67 protection standard ensures that the system's case is resistant to dust and moisture. It also features a glass-filled plastic connector. Our engineers also develop vehicle-specific customized cases to take things to the next level.

Setup and Testing

The THOR team places a premium on pedestrian and disabled community input during our rigorous acoustic vehicle alerting system test process. In order to ensure that each sound is of the highest quality before being added to the vehicle's sound library, we perform extensive testing in a specially designed anechoic chamber.

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