The AVAS by Porsche enhances the emotional experience of the vehicle

The AVAS by Porsche enhances the emotional experience of the vehicle

Every car enthusiast is familiar with the unmistakable sound of a six-cylinder Porsche boxer engine. Powertrain sounds not only create an emotional connection with one's vehicle but also serve as an essential early warning system, especially for traction conditions. Electric cars also have their unique sound. The Porsche Electric Sport Sound in the Taycan Turbo S (optional for the Taycan Turbo) is skillfully composed to match the vehicle's personality and status. Additionally, all Taycan models are equipped with a standard system to comply with the legal requirements for pedestrian protection, which is seamlessly integrated with the Electric Sport Sound.

The role of hearing as an acoustic early warning system is well recognized by Porsche, drawing from their experience with developing the sound of electric vehicles like the 919 Hybrid. Just as the works drivers relied on the engine sound to push the Le Mans-winning car to its limits in the race simulator, drivers can intuitively interpret early information about driving conditions through their sense of hearing. The characteristic hissing of the tires provides insights into the quality of the road surface and its wetness. Changes in wind noise can indicate speed or crosswind. Moreover, the sound of the powertrain, engine, and transmission characterizes the power delivery and conveys defining attributes such as agility and strength. The ear communicates signals to the brain when the car approaches its traction limit or when power is delivered during deceleration.

The Porsche Electric Sport Sound enhances the emotional experience of the vehicle, both inside and out. It enriches the vehicle's own drive sound with its innovative character. To achieve this, any disruptive noises from the drive architecture are purposefully minimized, while harmonious and emotive sounds, synchronized with the vehicle's actions, are amplified. This composition creates a sound experience that is typical of Porsche: a clear electrical statement that unmistakably represents the genuine Porsche sound. The driver can activate or deactivate the Electric Sport Sound by selecting the Sport Plus driving mode directly in the Drive menu of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) or via the configurable joker keys.

Porsche engineers have meticulously refined the AVAS sound to ensure it is as emotive, sporty, and powerful as possible within the legal guidelines. The AVAS gradually fades out above the required speed ranges, up to approximately 50 km/h. When the Electric Sport Sound is activated, the AVAS sound blends harmoniously with the emotive sports sound.

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