Loud - doesn't mean good. AVAS for electric scooters

Loud sound - is not about alerting system. AVAS - acoustic alerting system for e-scooters works quietly, but noticeably. This is one of the differences between the system and a usual column.

Annoying scooter with a loud music from its loudspeaker rushes past at great speed and its more about screaming, not sounding.. Familiar thing, right?

On the one hand, it is noticeable and you will not stay right at your place when you hear its approach, rather, run away.

On the other hand, experiencing negativity from such drivers is already becoming almost the norm.

We want to change this state of affairs and not only improve the safety of such a dynamic mode of transport, but also make sure that the sounds emitted by movement are understandable to everyone and at a frequency and volume level that would be both pleasant and understandable. This is exactly what our team of sound designers and acoustic engineers are doing with the THOR AVAS system.

Thor create a library of sounds in accordance with the UNECE rules on sound and noise, test the system together with sound tracks on all types of electric vehicles and bring the sound to an acceptable level for human hearing. So that the stages of movement and braking are understood by sound at an unconscious level. So, as we understand the approach of the car with the engine now.

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