The golf cart will no longer be a simple means of transportation

A golf cart is an indispensable accessory not only on the golf course, where it helps players with equipment quickly move across a large area. Golf carts have become an integral part of the service in hotels for delivering guests, in marinas and other locations. But who said that an electric golf cart has to be an ordinary and boring means of transportation? Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems (AVAS) can be a great addition and make using an electric vehicle even more enjoyable and safe.

AVAS for a golf cart provides the ability to be heard by others not only on the golf course, but also an audio association with location, brand and improved safety. The sound of transport as a tool of your brand is a way to maintain a certain atmosphere in tune with the event or style of the location, ensuring the safety and comfort of others.

AVAS systems are an excellent solution for business. If you are the owner of a hotel or location where the movement of guests is entrusted to mini electric cars, AVAS will be an excellent way to improve safety on site and make the stay of your guests even more unforgettable and your brand will be associated with excellent service not only due to visual perception, but also to be remembered at the level feelings and emotions through hearing - as an additional way of touching the client.

So don't think of golf carts as mere means of transportation. With the right AVAS system, your golf cart can be a source of safety and comfort in any area.

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