2021-2022 EV market research by THOR AVAS


Analysis of the European land transport market

  • Market trends
  • Segmentation by type of transport
  • Segmentation by engine type
  • Segmentation by end users

Value proposition

  • Formation of value hypotheses
  • Validation of value hypotheses using a questionnaire
  • Formation of a portrait of the consumer
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Segment positioning


The project researched the European ground electric transport market, which was segmented by vehicle type and end-use sub-segment.

Conducted end-user research and identified sound values in each segment. The segment of electric bicycles is the volume-forming among all types of European electric transport 75% of units (5,600 thousand).

Safety and self-expression are important for scooter and bicycle users, self-expression is important for scooter, bicycle and car users.

End users of mopeds and motorcycles do not see value in sound - they are confident in their safety, and self- expression through sound is not considered due to high speed and loud wind whistle. At the same time, these segments are the smallest in terms of units: 86 thousand for mopeds and 25 thousand for motorcycles.

Safety and self-expression are important for the end users of scooters and bicycles, however, manufacturers and shares of both segments offer these options poorly, only scooter shares finalize the product with a sound device. As an alternative to the safety value, neon lights or a helmet-mounted speaker are used.

End users of electric cars are only interested in the value of self-expression: taxi and sharing services work with large brands and do not finalize the product.


The market for personal ground transportation in Europe is 35 million vehicles, 7 million (21%) of which are electric.


In order to combat climate change and its negative effects, Europe has adopted a ban from 2035 on the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines

In 1973, the oil crisis pushed Europe towards the spread of cycling culture;
In 2022, Europe's desire to limit the import of Russian oil may increase the pace of development of electric transport.

Electricity costs are lower than those for gas and oil.

Passenger cars:

In 2021 the share of EV is 11%. Norway, Sweden and Netherlands are countries with largest share, UK, Germany and Italy with largest volume


In 2021 the share of EV is 27%. Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands are countries with largest share, Germany is the country with largest volume


In 2021 the share of EV is 62%. The sharing end-user segment is 95% EV, Germany, Italy and France is the countries with largest volume


In 2021 the share of EV is only 2%. Netherlands is the country with largest share, Spain, UK, Italy and France – with the largest volume


In 2021 the share of EV is 23%. Belgium, Netherlands and Spain are countries with largest share, France is also with largest volume


The next step of the project was the formation of value hypotheses for all segments and the formation of a questionnaire for end users to validate hypotheses of the value of sound in electric vehicles.

As a result, responses were received from the end users of the European market, from which portraits of users of electric cars, bicycles, scooters and pedestrians were compiled.

To form portraits of users of motorcycles and mopeds, a sufficient number of responses were not received due to the small size and inaccessibility of the segment.

According to the study, the largest number of target audience responses received from Facebook

End user questionnaire for 5 segments was compiled in Typeform.com

The largest channel with the received answers was Facebook groups

Formation of value hypotheses for target segments

According to the results of the questionnaire, pedestrians feel danger from electric vehicles. They consider drivers of scooters and mopeds the least competent, motorcycles and cars the most competent.

Drivers of electric cars believe that they are sufficiently protected, and the introduction of sound can be interesting from the side of self-expression.

Cyclists affirm the value of safety and self-expression, noting that they want to be more visible to pedestrians and car drivers

Electric scooter drivers confirm the value of sound, especially in cases of communication with pedestrians and the safety of their health


The final step was a dialogue with the businesses of nine selected
segments. It was possible to establish contact with a selection of
companies in 9 segments through customer support

SCOOTER: There is a value gap between customer expectations and products offered by sharing services and manufactures that can be filled with THOR AVAS

BICYCLE: There is a value gap between customer expectations and products offered by sharing services and manufactures that can be filled with THOR AVAS

MOTORCYCLE: Poor features match low customer expectation. Neither business nor end users no dot need it now

MOPED: Poor features match low customer expectation. Neither business nor end users no dot need it now

CAR: Und user do not pay attention to safety feature but prefer fun. It can be created with startups car manufactures, while their partnership are not fully formed


Market analysis

New registration of vehicles, average age and electric share, share by end-user segments:

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Other indicators, used in model

GDP by countries

Research for THOR AVAS

This report was prepared by the company's services and
at the request of THOR AVAS. All sources were open or
gave voluntary consent to participate in the survey.

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