Conducting tests with blind listeners

The other day, the Thor AVAS team gathered to conduct another experiment and test their product among the participants who most depend on sound sensations in this world - with blind listeners. It was the World Society of the Blind that influenced with its appeal to the UN several years ago, taking the initiative to introduce sound for silent electric cars in order to reduce the number of accidents with their wards. It was this step that made changes to the legislation of the EU and the USA, and then China and Japan, where the AVAS system became mandatory for installation on all hybrid and electric cars.

The difference between Thor AVAS and other systems is its more complex and at the same time harmonious sounds, consisting not only of warning layers (high-frequency repeating signals), but also softer components, which makes soundtracks more enjoyable. Plus, all the sounds are associated with movement, speed up and down, and don’t just beep like toys.

A team of engineers, acousticians and sound designers create sounds and upgrade the system, subjecting it to various tests. Including live tests, where real people help determine the visibility of an approaching electric car.

To conduct tests on the street, a stand with many sensors and microphones was assembled. Participants were seated on chairs and given remote controls, by pressing which the operator received a signal to the main computer, which collected data about the speed of the car, the volume of the system and the distance at which people noticed the approach of the electric car. The work was carried out in different speed modes - 10-20-30 km/h and at different AVAS volumes, but within the limits permitted by UN rules No. 138, according to which all AVAS systems must operate. Listeners also participated in tests where AVAS was completely turned off to understand the difference between the sound from the tires and with the system.

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