THOR AVAS' Solution - Improving the Acoustic Ecology

THOR AVAS develops unique acoustic solutions for the external sound accompaniment of motor and electric vehicles. Launched in 2020 with a mission to improve the acoustic ecology of cities, the solutions are equipped with advanced proprietary acoustics software, electronic control unit, and speakers. THOR AVAS' patented technology dynamically changes sound, described in company literature as "beautiful for hearing," with the movement of the vehicle it's installed in. The sounds, which are synchronized with all stages of movement and braking, are regarded by the human ear as harmonious, pleasant, and noticeable.

With the launch of three state-of-the-art solutions, THOR AVAS is making an impactful contribution to the future and safety of electric transport and acoustic ecology. The system dynamically changes its sound according to the vehicle's movement with an innovative proprietary engineering block, electronic module, and ingenious software. 

With a commitment to safety and legislation, THOR AVAS works in accordance with the existing 138 UN Rules, focusing on sound pressure, harmonious decibel levels, and other parameters of the superposition of sound layers to deliver an all-around experience that prioritizes public safety and is environment-friendly to its core.

Let’s make the silent electric transport sound harmoniously.
If you with to equip your e-fleet with AVAS, please contact THOR team.

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