E-sound design for electric vehicles

Sound designer is a creative profession. Creating sounds for silent electric cars has its own specifics. When working on an AVAS system, sound designer need to take into account the basics of sound design and also know the legislative features.

Our audio guru has worked for many years in the recording studio and in the game development industry (gamedev). Being a big fan of Sci-Fi, Aleksey accepted a job offer to create soundtracks for silent electric vehicles. Working remotely in a fully equipped home studio, our sound engineer first imagines the desired result in his head, then breaks it down into its component parts, prepares a list, and goes hunting for those component parts. For example, in only one sound of acceleration from the package with the working name Millennium Rider (Thor AVAS) - a combination of 4-5 simpler sounds mixed together sounds.

Since the work is creative, which must also be carried out taking into account the rules of regulation, development can take either 3 days or 3 weeks.

In terms of annoying - there are many factors that affect it. There is a basic rule - the sound should always have "development" and deviations from static. In places where this is inevitable - the sound should not scream, attracting attention to itself, then the brain will mask it.

As in any work, the final result is important, and Alexey also tests the sounds he creates for different types of transport. In particular - in the video he runs the sound for an electric scooter.

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